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Spotlight On: A Profile of Caitlin Henry

In Features on December 15, 2012 at 11:07 pm


Caitlin Henry is sitting Indian-style in her desk in a college classroom. She peers closely into her MacBook while flexing her research skills on Google. Her piercing eyes are accented by Revlon eyeliner, her nails are neatly manicured and her hair is tied back, highlighting her face’s youthful glow. She is dressed comfortably in sweats and comes to class prepared, with many of her belongings featuring what is likely her favorite color – pink.

“Education is extremely important in my family,” explains the 21 year-old junior at SUNY College at Old Westbury. “My father always stressed that I need a good education to be successful. He’s one of the reasons I want to complete college.” Her motivation began early at home, but she admits college has its difficulties. “The worst aspect of college is the amount of work due. I have a job too so I have a tough time juggling them both.”

Growing up in Virginia until her parents divorced, Caitlin subsequently moved to Long Island with her mother and younger sister while her father remained in Virginia. “I see him every couple of months but I wish I was closer with him.”

Commuting from home in Massapequa to school, the Media and Communications major is wide-eyed to career possibilities after graduation. “Maybe public relations or something behind the scenes on television or movies. There’s about behind the scenes work really interests me. I just want career path that affords me an opportunity to support myself and my family,” she reveals.

Off campus, Caitlin is relatively simple and fun-loving young woman with depth and character. She speaks her sentences with confidence and charm and ends them with warm smiles. She stays active, maintaining fitness while indulging in favorites like fast food, and French onion soup and tequila. “Of course nothing healthy,” she quips jokingly.

While jotting down her lecture notes with a furious intensity, one easily notices one of her tattoos – “breathe” – on her right forearm. “I deal with anxiety,” she explains. “Sometimes, I think I overreact to certain situations and I have to remind myself to just breathe. Also, my dad’s youngest sister died of lung cancer about two years ago. I watched her suffer with her breathing a lot and it really made me realize you can’t take something as simple as breathing for granted.”

She looks to her future with great optimism. She dreams of traveling to Italy, Ireland and Australia. But above anything, Caitlin dreams of family life. “It’s so cliché, but being happy and having a family of my own. That’s what I dream of. If I have that, I think I’ll be happy.”

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