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Floral Industry expecting a boost from Valentine’s Day shoppers

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(February 10th, 2012)

With Valentine’s Day being a few days away, floral companies are reporting sizable boosts in sales this year in the midst of a fractured economy. Florists are prepping for the holiday which will see a high  number of orders. The National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, estimates that the average customer will spend nearly $126 on Valentine’s Day this year – an is an 8.5 percent increase from the $116.21 spent by the average person in 2011.

This year’s Valentine’s Day gives florists a great opportunity to generate sales. Because the holiday falls on a weekday, florists are likely to scan more fresh-flower purchases during the week. This gives extra time time for bigger, more elaborate rose and flower presentations to be made as well as deliveries to homes and offices. Nicole Vecchione, a sales manager at the Terranova Florist in Baldwin, New York says “classic red roses are the big sellers – most definitely. Red roses never go out of style. They run for about $75 to $80 for a single dozen. We get orders for complex arrangements as well as yellow and white roses, which are a little less costly. (Other types of flowers, like tulips for example, sell close to $40) The week before Valentine’s Day is always hectic. At the moment, we have a ton of orders for them all so we’re fairly busy getting our orders together before the holiday.”

Despite the downturn in the U.S. economy in recent years, Valentine’s Day has always maintained a veritable “Black Friday”-like status for the floral industry. According to AboutFlowers.com, an information resource on the floral industry, Valentine’s Day ranked as number one in regards to fresh flower purchases in 2011, capturing 36% of all holiday transactions as well as 40% of the holiday dollar volume. It is also the number one holiday for florists, beating out Christmas, Hanukah and Mother’s Day. Florists are expecting similar results in 2012.

Interestingly, while men tend to buy flowers for romantic reasons, women use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to express care and gratitude to mothers, daughters and friends in addition to their significant others. Additionally, they use Valentine’s Day to treat themselves to flowers, even if they are or aren’t involved with a mate.

Based on these predications Valentine’s Day should be a huge opportunity for you to turn romance into commerce.

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